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Introducing The MindSpa® MENTOR Personal Development System

Harness The Power of Light and Sound to Train Your Brain for

Optimum Sleep, Performance, and Peace of Mind—

Now Bluetooth -Capable and iPhone/Android Compatible!

MindSpa Mentor is a unique, easy-to-use, safe and relaxing device that offers the benefits of meditation and more: improved sleep and mood, calm focus, clarity, enhanced cognitive function, and reduced stress.


Our seventh-generation MindSpa system is our most sophisticated and convenient model yet. Compact, lightweight, rechargeable and wearable, it’s Bluetooth-capable and compatible with iPhone and Android, delivering 800+ sound/light sessions and content through the companion Mind Library app.


Mindspa marries state-of-the-art technology with decades of research in auditory and photic stimulation. It’s designed to apply the potent effects of light and sound—to produce extraordinary physical, mental, spiritual and performance benefits.


To produce these effects, the Mentor employs a physiological process called brainwave entrainment. Using auditory and visual stimulation, we reproduce the natural, meditative effect of gazing into a warm winter fire or staring at a gently flickering candle—but with even more powerful and lasting results.


By helping your brain to enter deeply relaxed states, MindSpa Mentor produces outcomes that are in many cases identical to those experienced through long-term meditation—positive mental, physical and spiritual changes.



Download our 22-page user manual toward the bottom of this page

Sit back with our proprietary light-emitting glasses and headphones, close your eyes, and begin a relaxing light and sound session. Your Mentor does the rest! The non-invasive technology gently guides you into desirable brainwave states that immediately and over time will enhance sleep quality, mood, concentration, memory, and attention.


Designed to fit busy, active lifestyles, our core 18 MindSpa light and sound sessions (included) run between 22 to 69 minutes, with half of them 30 minutes or less.


Optimum benefit is through daily use, but several times per week is highly effective as well. Consistency is the most important factor.


With regular use of your Mentor over several weeks, you’ll experience noticeably better sleep quality and find yourself more calm, focused and relaxed. You’ll feel more in command of life as you face common everyday challenges.



We’re so confident that MindSpa will produce positive, long-term results that we offer an unconditional *90-day risk-free trial to prove it will work for you.


We’re proud to report that our customer return rate is near zero!  

However, if for any reason you don’t love it as much as over 99% of our customers, simply return it within 90 days of your purchase, and you’ll receive a full refund on the product. No hassle, no stress.

*Please See details here for our full return policy.


Check out our testimonial section to read what hundreds of our customers say about Mindspa as an indispensable tool for a healthier, more rest, less-stressed and overall superior quality of life!



“This is the best money I have ever spent!”

– Jane R., Beaufort, South Carolina


“After 50 years of chronic insomnia, when everything I tried to help myself was a complete waste of time and money, to find this little gem was an answer to my prayers. It actually works! I would say to anyone who has a sleep disorder and is looking for a positive remedy: look no further than the MindSpa. I wish I had found it years ago.”

- Maureen Ayrton; Liverpool, England


“I have recommended the Mindspa to several people.  It has helped my anxiety, panic attacks, depression, pain levels, confidence and even my kidney function.”

I still have a way to go but I know I always have my Mindspa to fall back on if I feel myself slipping.”

 Philippa Woodsford – Nottinghamshire, UK

“I cannot believe how much the MindSpa has helped. I never used to remember any part of my dreams but ever since starting to use the system I have quite vivid dreams, and I have been sleeping much better through the night.”

- Brian T , Diamond Bar, CA


“Mindspa changed my life in terms of sleeping better and de-stressing me! Thank you so much for creating a really magical product.”

– Brarum J. , London, UK


“MindSpa is better than any sleeping pills I know of, it works without any side effect, and it is so simple and practical to use.”

– Darriono P., Management Consultant , Indonesia





  • Enhanced sleep
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Sharper short-term memory
  • Higher energy levels
  • Elevated mood
  • Sense of calm and relaxation
  • Better mental and physical performance
  • Enhanced visual-motor coordination
  • Improved attitude
  • Reduction in jet lag symptoms
  • Reduced caffeine intake and associated agitation
  • Improved overall quality of life due to all of the above



Your Mindspa system includes an easy-to-follow yet comprehensive user and lifestyle manual, plus great after-product support. Our website is continually updated with educational resources, including the latest published data on sleep, mindfulness, meditation, cognitive performance, stress reduction and general quality-of-life improvement.


The system comes complete—nothing else to purchase, no additional software required.


Package includes:

•           Compact, lightweight Mindspa Mentor unit

•           High-response audio earbuds

•           Our proprietary 24-LED full-spectrum White/CalmBlue™

     Brainwave Entrainment Glasses

•           Built-in Lithium Ion battery: 7-14 days on per charge

•           Micro-USB power input and charging cord

•           Custom velvet MindSpa travel bags to protect your system

•           Quick Start guide to get you set up and running immediately


In addition to what’s in the package, your Mentor comes with:

·      an easy-to-follow yet comprehensive User Guide

(download from our website).

·      a special bonus 88-page lifestyle manual/ebook:

Guide to Gaining Maximum Benefit from Your Mindspa Personal Development System (available upon registration above).

·      a trial subscription to the full Mind Library App, with access to more than

800 light/sound and personal growth sessions to choose from.

The Mind Library app, available for iOS iPhone and iPad and Android, offers free and subscription options. Even if you choose not to extend your subscription after your trial ends, you’ll always have the core 18 MindSpa sessions that come standard with your Mentor. You’ll access these included 18 light and sound sessions using the app or can download them to your device.


We also offer great after-product support. Our website is continually updated with educational resources, including the latest published data on sleep, mindfulness, meditation, cognitive performance, stress reduction and general quality-of-life improvement.

Download Our MindSpa Mentor User Manual & Quick Start Guide

MindSpa Mentor User Guide 1.2MB
MindSpa Mentor Quick Start Guide 78.5KB


Choose your MindSpa system here

$249.00 + Free US Priority Mail Shipping

We guarantee 100% satisfaction! 

MindSpa will work for you as it has for tens of thousands or your money back! 

MindSpa Over 25 years helping people worldwide to harness the power of light and sound for optimum sleep, performance, and peace of mind!

Disclaimer: Information obtained from our website is not intended as a substitute for professional care and advice. We make no implicit or overt claims for cure or treatment of any medical or psychological disorders. No expressed or implied medical claims are made for A/V Stim, BioWear products. The MindSpa Personal Development System® is the Registered Trademark of A/V Stim, LCC a Division of BioWear, LLC, 

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AV Stim, LLC, Health & Wellness, San Rafael, CA
AV Stim, LLC, Health & Wellness, San Rafael, CA
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